WHITELINE is a manufacturer and wholesaler of modern furniture in North and South America.  We offer contemporary and modern designs that are comfortable, stylish and affordable.


Does WHITELINE sell directly to the public?


No.  WHITELINE only sells to retailers, designers and other furniture dealers.   Consumers can only purchase our products through our network of furniture dealers.


What differentiates WHITELINE from other furniture brands?


How can I become a WHITELINE dealer?


In order to become a WHITELINE dealer, you need to fill out the dealer application form on our web site.  After you fill out and submit the dealer application form, we will review it and email you when the review is complete.  If your application is approved, you will be able to access our online catalog and high resolution pictures and real time inventory. 


How can I check if an item is in stock?


You can check if an item is in stock by calling us, emailing us, or simply by logging in to our web site where you can find the real time inventory of each of our products at any time.


How can I place an order?


If you are an approved WHITELINE dealer, you will be able to place an order through our web site, email or fax.  After we receive your order, we will notify you within 1 business day if the ordered products are in stock and when they can be shipped.  If the products are not in stock, we will provide an estimated time when they can be in stock.


Does WHITELINE ship nationwide and internationally?


Yes we ship nationwide and internationally.  Our shipping rates vary depending on the destination.  However, with our strategic warehousing in New Jersey and South Florida, and our professional and reliable network of shippers, our shipping rates are very competitive.  Alternatively, our dealers can pick up the purchased products from our warehouse facilities in New Jersey or South Florida at no additional costs.


Does WHITELINE offer container programs?


Yes.  We offer competitive container programs.